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Benicia Mayor Steve Young
Endorsed by the Solano County Democratic Central Committee
Letter of Recommendation, Duncan Billing of Hasbro
Chief Ken Hanley (retired, Benicia Fire Department) endorses Terry Scott for City Council
Benicia City Councilmember Tom Campbell
Solano County Supervisor Monica Brown
Letter of Recommendation, CEO & Founder of Hasbro, Alan Hassenfeld
Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County
Former Benicia Mayor Jerry Hayes
BUSD Board of Trustee President, Sheri Zada
Endorsed by the Sierra Club
Former Benicia Councilmember Pepe Arteaga
BUSD Board President Sheri Zada & BUSD Trustee Mark Maselli
Endorsed by Solano County Orderly Growth Comittee
Benicia Artist Nikki Basch Davis endorses Terry Scott

Pepe Arteaga,

Former Benicia City Councilmember

"Two years ago, I supported Terry Scott to be a member of the Benicia City Council, and I will do it again in 2022. I like Terry Scott because of his core values, objectivity on issues, and love for Benicia. "

Fire Chief Ken Hanley,

Benicia Fire Department

1989-2008 (retired)

"Terry's long history of community involvement, experience, service and dedication in a variety of positions, along with his vision for the City, all combine to make him a great selection for a member of the Benicia City Council"

Tim Reynolds,

Chair, Historic Preservation Review Commission (HPRC)

"Terry’s service to the community and dedication to good design is evident all-around town. He is knowledgeable, creative and resourceful. He has the skills needed to ‘connect the dots’ I’m confident that Terry will lead while forging innovative solutions to our biggest challenges."

Letter from Benicia Mayor Steve Young

I have had the pleasure of knowing Terry Scott for several years. He has been an active leader in Benicia, serving as the long-standing chair of the Arts and Culture Commission and the Executive Director of the Benicia Community Foundation. 


But what is less known is his long and distinguished business career, culminating in his senior leadership position at the Hasbro Toy & Games Corporation. In his role there, he demonstrated his ability to anticipate where the industry was going, but also pioneered several improvements that have been universally adopted by every major retailer and on-line shipper which led to more sustainable packaging and shipping practices. 


The one thing that stands out about Terry, besides his commitment to public service and the Benicia community, is that he is a visionary with the ability to see where demographic trends are happening and what they mean for our City. 


I enthusiastically endorse Terry Scott for City Council, He has the brains and commitment to make our City a better place.

Steve Young

Mayor of Benicia

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