Republic Services 14.3% Rate Increase for SB 1383

Were you frustrated and surprised when you received the news of a 14.3% rate increase for additional compost bin pick-ups? Per a mailer from Republic Services to “Valued Customer”, the increase goes into effect October 1, 2022. The lack of engagement from the City regarding the size of this rate increase is upsetting. While I understand the City must meet new state regulations for composting as outlined in SB 1383 (see graphic), I take issue with the City’s lack of communication with us, the residents, to open a dialogue regarding a 14.3% increase for a utility bill.

Communication with the public is vital, and we should have had more input into the process and size of this rate increase. The City Manager did provide a “warning” that an increase was coming, but as residents, we should have more than a warning. We should have been part of the discussion. For those who aren’t aware, this issue was discussed during the City Council meeting on August 16th, 2022 of which the public was able to attend. However, unless you were available to stick around until about 10:00 pm to hear the outcome, you would have missed it. The vote to approve the increase was 4 in favor, with only Vice Mayor Campbell voting against it because of on-going resident dissatisfaction with Republic Services.

What are your thoughts? Am I alone in my frustration?

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