Terry Scott Files Nomination Packet with Benicia City Clerk

"It's time for a change."

Hello Benicians! I officially filed my Benicia City Council nomination packet and was sworn in by City Clerk Lisa Wolfe this morning.

It’s time for a change. We can’t continue to maintain the status quo. Doing so has failed and has proven to be an ineffective long-term management strategy.

As your next Benicia City Council representative, I’ll commit to listening to your needs. From that, I’ll look for new, pragmatic and practical solutions that build a better future, not just patch problems of the present. We must start thinking with new purpose and with new ideas to solve the consistent issues that continue to challenge our community.

What has changed in the past four years? Are you satisfied with our roads, water, downtown parking and environmental issues?

I’m running to bring a new leadership perspective and vision to meet the challenge of change.

We should all want a responsive City government that delivers quality public safety, clean air and water and stable infrastructure including safe roads. It’s essential to champion our downtown by supporting our entertainment, restaurants, art galleries and small businesses and look for ways to improve the growth of our Industrial Park.

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