Thank you, Benicia!

Now that the campaign is over and the final votes are being counted, I’d like to thank the thousands of Benicians who supported me and my principal message of ‘Facing the Challenge of Change’.

To my campaign staff and the many volunteers who spent countless hours delivering materials, knocking on doors, promoting the campaign, thank you for your unwavering trust in my message and your time and talents spent on my behalf.

My campaign has always been based on issues and solutions with a consistent goal that voters knew what I stood for and why. We ran a clean campaign, stayed out of the fray and played by the rules.

It’s unfortunate that Valero made the decision to once again attempt to influence voters with their ability to outspend us. It didn’t work in 2020, and once again, Benicia voters refused to let it happen in 2022. We may have a refinery in our town, but we are not a refinery owned town.

Our new City Council will face some very tough issues, but I believe in our staff and in the voters of Benicia who have chosen me to represent them as we move towards a more prosperous future.

- Terry Scott

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